Links I Loved In April

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April has been a beautiful month this year – especially the second half of the month. It’s finally (finally!) warm enough now to go outside without a jacket. Spring seemed to come later than usual this year, but now that it’s fully hear the flowering trees and bushes are absolutely gorgeous!

One of my favorite things about this month has been being able to sit out in the sun and read a book and soak up some nice Vitamin D – so relaxing 🙂 I’ve also started working in my garden, planting my pea seeds, lettuce seeds, and root vegetable seeds. I love checking the garden every day to watch the little seedlings grow!

This month I’ve also come across some great articles from fellow bloggers about healthy living, real food, recipes, etc. and these are some of my favorite links from this past month:

Natural Living:

Homemade Bug Repellent – for avoiding the nasty chemicals in regular bug sprays.

Homemade Rose Water – an easy, frugal alternative to buying rose water.

Avoiding Toxins in Plastic – how to identify the types of toxic plastic and what to use instead.

Uses for a Lemon Peel – 31 great ways to use up your lemon peels for cleaning, cooking, etc.


Tulsi Gelee For Natural Hormone Healing – combines the benefits of Tulsi tea and gelatin to help balance hormones.

Sourdough English Muffins – a simple and versatile sourdough recipe.

Crispy Fresh Asparagus – a tasty way to use fresh asparagus in season.

Real Food:

Getting Started With Real Foods – a simple, manageable method for starting the transition to a real food diet.

Carrageenan: A Dangerous, Sneaky, Commonly Used Food Additive – a substance added to many foods that is best avoided.

How To Store Leafy Greens In The Fridge – an easy, old-fashioned way to keep fresh greens from wilting.

Intuitive Eating – the wisdom of listening to your own body’s signals and needs.

Starting A Real Food Project – an individualized approach to starting up a real food project in your kitchen without getting overwhelmed.

What were some of your favorite things from the month of April?

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