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Healthy Living Resources

Some of my favorite healthy living resources for real foods, supplements, and products …

When I first started switching to a healthier lifestyle, one of the first questions I had was where to find the best sources for real food ingredients and natural products?

Over the past several years, I’ve tried many different options, and it took me awhile to find the brands and products that worked well for me and that met my standards for being real, simple, and natural.

I’ve put together this collection of my favorite sources all in one place to share with you, whether you’re just starting the transition to living a more natural lifestyle or whether you’ve been eating “real” for a while not and you’re looking for something new to try that might suit your needs even better. 

These are all online sources, so if you like to shop in your jammies like I do, then these sources have the convenience of online shopping but still have the quality we’re looking for in natural and “real” foods.

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links. This means that I may receive a commission if you decide to buy something after clicking on that link. The cost to you stays the same.

Natural Whole Food Supplements

Perfect Supplements is a great source for organic, good-quality, whole food supplements from a variety of natural brands.

These supplements are whole food supplements, so they are the kind that are basically like eating healthy foods, but just in a form that is easier and more convenient to take. This makes them a much more natural option than supplements that were synthetically derived in a laboratory. 

Some of my favorite things to get from Perfect Supplements are:

You can learn more about all of the different supplements you can find at Perfect Supplements by clicking the link below:

Probiotic Supplements

Just Thrive are spore probiotics that have an incredible survival rate through the digestive system. One of my favorite things about these probiotics is the fact that you don’t have to worry about keeping them in the refrigerator. And I love the fact that you can open up the capsules and sprinkle the powder over your food (even over hot food because they will still survive!) For people like me who have a hard time swallowing capsules this makes them much easier to take.

Just Thrive also has other products, too, besides the probiotic like a prebiotic, immune supplement, a supplement for gluten sensitivity, and even a probiotic for pets too! I haven’t tried these other products yet, but I’ve been using their probiotic supplement for a few years now and loving it.

You can learn more about Just Thrive and the supplements they offer at the link below:

Herbal Courses and Information

If you’re interested in learning about herbs and natural remedies using herbs, The Herbal Academy is a great resource for learning about different types of herbs, important safety information for working with herbs and lots of ideas and recipes for how to use herbs. They have all sorts of different course offerings, ranging from short mini-courses at a low price point all the way up to advanced level courses. They also occasionally offer free e-books and mini courses through their website, too. You can learn more about the different courses available by clicking on the link above or the banner below.

Herbal Academy Online Courses



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