Discover Your Personal Beauty Type (Free Resource and Giveaway!)

Discover your personal beauty type - free resource and a giveaway! Learn which type of beauty you are so you can make the most of your own natural beauty! |

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations Gina Marie!!! You’re the winner! Please check your email for more details! 

Today I’m really excited to let you know about an awesome new giveaway opportunity (as well as a free resource that you can take advantage of whether or not you win the giveaway!)

The giveaway is a FREE course of the Dressing Your TruthTM program! More details on this in a minute, but first, for those of you who might not be familiar with Dressing Your Truth, I’ll give you a quick overview.

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Dressing Your TruthTM Before and After – One Year Update

Dressing Your Truth Before and After - One Year Update | Our Heritage of Health

It’s been just a little over a year now since I first heard about Dressing Your TruthTM , so it seemed like the perfect time for a before and after update. This is the fourth post I’ve done about Dressing Your Truth, so if you haven’t yet read the other posts in this series, you can find them here:

  1. Does Your Clothing Reflect Who You Truly Are? Why Dressing Your Truth Matters
  2. My Dressing Your Truth Experience as a TYPE 2 Woman
  3. How Your Clothing Affects Your Health

I had first heard about Dressing Your Truth when I heard some friends talking about it and mentioning which Type of Beauty they were, and that made me really curious about which of the 4 Types of Beauty I might be.

I talked a little bit more about the Dressing Your Truth program in my first post, but just to quickly summarize, the 4 Types of Beauty are:

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4 Ways Knowing My Type of Beauty Improved My Health


It might seem unusual to connect beauty with health, but knowing which type of beauty I am has improve my health in so many ways.

It might seem a bit unusual to connect beauty and fashion with health and well-being, but knowing which Type of Beauty I am has actually made a big difference in my overall health.

Because I view health in a holistic sense, that means that every part of the body connects and has an effect on every other part of the body. So, even though it might seem at first like clothing has very little to do with the health of the body, the clothing that we choose to wear can affect our minds and our emotions, and our minds and emotions can have a direct influence on our bodies and on our overall health.

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My Dressing Your TruthTM Experience as a TYPE 2SM Woman

 My Dressing Your Truth Experience as a TYPE 2 Woman

Awhile back, I wrote an introductory post about a program I recently went through called Dressing Your TruthTM. (You can find that post here if you missed it before.) I mentioned that I would give some more details about my own personal experience with this program, so today I’d like to tell you a little bit more about what it was like for me.

As I mentioned last time, after completing the free course, I decided that I had a primary TYPE 2SM energy with a secondary TYPE 4SM energy.

In case you aren’t familiar with this program, the 4 Types of Beauty are:

  • The TYPE 1SM bright, animated woman.
  • The TYPE 2SM soft, subtle woman.
  • The TYPE 3SM rich, dynamic woman.
  • The TYPE 4SM bold, striking woman.

You can learn more about them and find out which Type of Beauty you are by taking the free course. (You can find it here.)

I wanted to start by showing you a before and after. Unlike some of the other Dressing Your Truth transformations that you can see, mine isn’t really very dramatic. True to my TYPE 2 nature, it’s a much more subtle change. In fact, I don’t even have a real “before” picture to show you.

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Which Type of Beauty Are You? Free Resource

When we think of all of the ways that we communicate on a daily basis, the first things that come to mind are usually our conversations, the words we speak or write to other people, or even our tone of voice and facial expressions. What we don’t always think of, though, is the fact that our clothing is also communicating for us.

The clothes that we wear can send messages about who we are just as much as our words can. The problem is that sometimes, without our even being aware of it, our clothing can send the wrong message about us.

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Whipped Coconut and Tamanu Oil Body Butter Recipe

Whipped coconut and tamanu oil body butter recipe |

Making homemade body butter is getting pretty popular these days, so I decided it was about time that I try making one of my own.

I love making homemade beauty products like this because I can control exactly what goes in them and customize them the way I want to. I also like the fact that the ingredients are so simple and that I can have a natural moisturizer with just two or three ingredients instead of the 15-20 that you usually see in store bought moisturizers. 

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Victorian Homemade Tinted Lip Balm

Victorian homemade tinted lip balm recipe |

Yes, it’s true. Women in Victorian America really did make their own homemade tinted lip balm. Even though makeup was usually frowned upon in Victorian society,  enough women must have considered tinted lip balms to be acceptable for recipes for them to have been included in Godey’s Lady’s Book, the most popular lady’s magazine of the 19th century.

19 century lip balm recipes are usually very simple with about four or five ingredients at most unlike many modern lip balms with ingredient lists so long that they need teeny, tiny print to fit them all on the label.

Old-fashioned lip balm recipes also use natural ingredients. You won’t find any rancid vegetable oils or parables or artificial fragrances like you usually do in most brands of lip balm today. And it’s really easy and quick to make your own. It only took me about ten minutes from start to finish to make my lip balm!

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