DIY Herbal Salt Recipes to Try

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Making your own DIY herbal salt blends is a simple and easy way to create your own gourmet seasoning blends and to control the quality of the blends and customize them the way you like based on your favorite herbs and which dishes you like to cook.

DIY herbal salt blends are also a great way to preserve the harvest if you have an abundance of herbs growing in your garden that you want to save for later. Or, if you don’t have herbs growing in your garden, you can also often find good deals on herbs at local farm stands and farmer’s markets during their growing seasons. 

Another great thing about herbal salt blends is that they make seasoning your food very simple and easy because the herbs are already chopped and ready to go along with the salt, so you can just sprinkle the blend onto your food while you’re preparing it. So, you can take a little bit of time once to make up the blend in the beginning, but then you can save time later on each time you cook meals in the future.  

DIY herbal salts could also make great homemade gift ideas, and you could make them look fancy by putting them in cute jars with pretty labels. You could also personalize them by using herbs that you know that the recipient of the gift would especially enjoy. 

Here are some ideas for DIY herbal salt recipes to try to make your own custom blends. These recipes include instructions for how to make the blends as well as giving you ideas for herb combinations to try.

DIY Herbal Salt Recipes

These DIY herbal salt recipes are simple and quick to make, and they are a great way to add flavor to a variety of different foods. They're also a good way to preserve the harvest if you have an abundance of herbs in your garden.

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