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Favorite Things From August

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favorite things august

I used to hate the month of August because I always associated it with the dreaded time of the end of the summer and going back to school. When I think of August now, though, I think of harvest time. And food! All of the beautiful, colorful summer bounty that is so abundant in this month.

This past month, I’ve enjoyed my full share of cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, watermelon, corn, and all of the other amazing foods that we associate with summer.

I also had an awesome week on vacation down in Virginia and Pennsylvania, visiting some antebellum plantations, seeing Harper’s Ferry, touring through the Smithsonian in DC, and eating Shoo Fly pie in Amish country.

I also came across some great information, ideas, and recipes this month from fellow bloggers online. These were some of my favorites:

Real Food:

Deciphering Egg Carton Labels – Why labels like “free range” and “natural” might not mean what we think they mean.

30 Tips for Real Food Newbies – 30 Ideas for making the transition to real food easier and less overwhelming.


Recipes and DIY projects:

Breakfast sausage – Recipe for homemade maple apple breakfast sausage.

How to Render Lard – How to make your own lard at home to use for cooking, baking, etc.

Avocado Chocolate Pudding – A dairy and gluten-free pudding recipe using only natural ingredients.

Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin – A DIY deodorant recipe that won’t leave your skin feeling itchy and irritated.

How to Make Vanilla Extract – Two methods for making your own vanilla extract at home: with and without alcohol.


Natural Remedies:

Elderberry Gummy Vitamins – Homemade elderberry gummy treats and vitamin C supplements.

Immune Boosting Tincture for Children – The herbs that keep the immune system strong and how to make your own tincture at home.


What were some of your favorite things this month?

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