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The Common Health Mistake You’re Probably Making

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The common health mistake you might be making |


A lot of times, we tend to think of health in terms of right and wrong. Of black and white. Eat this food. Don’t eat that one. Take this supplement. Do this exercise, etc.

And the more we try to follow all of those “rules” to the letter, the more confusing it seems to get. The more you start reading and learning about the topic of natural health, the more you realize how many different opinions there are and how often those opinions seem to contradict one another.

The very food or supplement that seems to be the most amazing magic superfood you could possibly imagine suddenly becomes something that could ruin your health if you keep eating it (or at least that’s what you read somewhere on the internet, but you can’t remember exactly where because you’ve gone cross-eyed reading every bit of information you could find…)

Missing the Forest for the Trees

It’s so easy to get caught up in the little details like worrying about every bite of food that we eat, for example, that we forget about the other things that are just as important for our health. Things like reducing stress, getting enough sleep, taking time to relax and have fun, etc.

There’s no time for relaxing and enjoying yourself when you’re focused on the mindset of avoiding all of the little things that you’ve heard might possibly be detrimental to your health.

And what usually happens is that, in trying so hard to avoid making any mistakes when it comes to our health, we end up making the most common health mistake of all by forgetting to listen to our own intuition.

You Know Yourself the Best

It’s really easy for us to get into the habit of basing our decisions about our health and about our lives in general on the things that other people say, whether or not they’re really the right decisions for us personally.

Just because “studies now show” that something is the key to optimal health, for example, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the key to your optimal level of health.

Everybody is different, and what works well for one person won’t always work the same way for another. That doesn’t mean, of course, that it’s not helpful to listen to the suggestions of others or that it’s not important to expand your knowledge and educate yourself about the things that might help you to improve your health. What it does mean, though, is that the most important step is to take a moment to pause and listen to your own intuition to decide if something is going to be right for you.

Using Intuition to Transform Decision-Making

Few things seem more draining to me than having to make a decision about something, especially if it seems like an important decision. There’s always that sense of overwhelm and the worry about making a mistake you might regret later on.

And most of the time we complicate the process even further by ignoring our own intuition and getting caught up in trying to do everything we think we “should” do or following what someone else says are the things we need to do. And we focus so much on trying not to make any mistakes that we end up forgetting to even check in with our own sense of whether or not something is the right choice for us.

When I think about the way I usually make decisions, I almost always have an initial intuitive impression about something, but then I completely ignore it and over-analyze everything in my mind, weighing all of the possible pros and cons and driving myself crazy with the back and forth process of indecision. And then, after a lot of thought and a lot of prayer, nine times out of ten I usually end up going back to that original intuitive sense when the time comes to make the final decision. I can only imagine how much time and stress I could save myself if I started paying more attention that that intuition in the first place!

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The common health mistake you might be making |


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Michelle Tinkham

Wednesday 12th of August 2015

This was fantastic Lori!! A very timely word.


Thursday 13th of August 2015

Thanks, Michelle! :)

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