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Healthy Meal Plans, Customized Just the Way You Like Them

For those who want to follow a healthy, real food lifestyle, using meal plans is one of the best ways to save time in the kitchen and make cooking from scratch easier. The thing is, though, that many meals plans aren’t designed for those of us who want to eat only natural foods or who are on special diets.

That’s why I love the Real Plans system so much. Real Plans is a meal planning service that’s fully customizable, so no matter what type of diet you might be on or what foods you can and cannot eat, Meal Plans can customize recipes exactly the way you like them.


Real Plans


What You Get With Real Plans

  • Customized meal plans to fit any diet (Traditional real food, GAPS, Vegetarian, Paleo, AIP, etc.)
  • The ability to exclude any foods you don’t like or can’t eat
  • Flexible planning to fit your schedule
  • Access to over 1,500 delicious and healthy recipes and the abilityto add your own favorite family recipes to your meal plan schedules
  • Nutrition data for your meals
  • A detailed shopping list that’s also customizable
  • Reminders for when to begin food prep and thaw ingredients, etc.
  • A free mobile app to give you access to your meal plans and shopping list when you’re at the store

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Want to Try Out Real Plans for Free?

Real Plans has decided to give away a full month of their printable paleo meal plans for free! Each week’s plan includes a preparation timeline, a complete shopping list, and a full set of recipe cards.

You can get your free month of meal plans here!

Watch This Video to See How Real Plans Work

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