Old-Fashioned Friday #40

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Welcome back to another week of Old-Fashioned Friday! Old-Fashioned Friday is a weekly gathering place for bloggers to share their ideas, tips, discoveries, etc. about real food, natural health, and old-fashioned living. Just like the quilting bees and front-porch gatherings of the “good old days,” Old-Fashioned Friday is a spot for bloggers and readers to stop by for a visit to greet one another and to learn new things.

Each week I will be featuring the three most-viewed posts from the previous week, so make sure to check back for next week’s carnival to see if you were featured! I’ll also be pinning to my Pinterest boards as much as I can all of the posts that follow the guidelines.

Featured Posts:

This week’s most-viewed posts were:

Wait! Don’t Throw Out All the Process Food at Once! by Granny’s Vital Vittles:


What Is a Simple Life? by Christie Living Naturally:



Guidelines for Posting:

1. Keep it old-fashioned. Please link only to posts that fit in with the areas of real food and natural living. That could include: recipes, herbal remedies, holistic health, homesteading, DIY projects, household tips, food politics, gardening, etc. The possibilities are endless! Please no links to giveaways, though.

2. Real ingredients only, please. If you’re posting a recipe, please post only recipes using real, natural ingredients. Think butter instead of margarine. Lard instead of crisco. Whole eggs instead of Egg Beaters. Think back to the ingredients your grandmother or great-grandmother would have used in her made-from-scratch recipes. Everyone is at different stages in their transition to real foods, but let’s try to stay away from the boxed cake mixes and the canned frosting, ok? 🙂

3. Please update your post with a link back to this Old-Fashioned Friday post. It’s blog carnival courtesy, and it will help people to find all of the great ideas from other bloggers. Something like “This post is linked to Old-Fashioned Friday” would be perfect 🙂

4. Link to your post, not your homepage. Make sure you link to the URL of your specific post, not the home page of your blog. It will make it much easier for us all to find your post!

5. Not required, but it would be great if you would leave a comment telling us all a little bit about your post. Or, if you’re not a blogger, share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of us in the comments section! 🙂

* Note: In the place on the form that says “Name,” you want to put the name of your blog post not your own name 🙂

Ok, let’s get started!

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