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HUGE Fall into Health Autumn Sale!

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(Update: This sale has ended now and is no longer available for purchase)

I just went out shopping today looking for some new sweaters, and I realized two things:

1) It’s still a little bit too early in the season for a good variety of heavy sweaters.

2) Sweaters are getting ridiculously expensive!

Unless you catch a really good sale on Black Friday, sweaters aren’t cheap, especially if you want the nice heavy warm n’ cozy type.

If you’re lucky you might be able to find a sweater for $20. A lot of the times, though, if you want  one that’s thick enough to actually keep you warm, they’re usually more like $25-$30 or more. (And I’m talking about your regular, standard department store. I don’t even like to think about how much a sweater would cost at a high-end fashion store!)

So, let’s say that getting 2 new sweaters at a regular price would probably cost you somewhere around $50 on average. Not too bad, but at the end of the day, all you have is a couple of sweaters that will get pilly and out of style in a few years.

Better Than Sweaters!

If you’re like me and the thought of getting a new sweater doesn’t excite you as much as getting a good deal on coconut oil, then I think you’ll be just as excited about this as I am!

A group of my fellow bloggers at the Village Green Network have put together a HUGE sale of healthy living e-books and other goodies called the Fall into Health Autumn Sale. With everything put together, you can get $2,000 worth of stuff for only $39. That’s 98% off!

Here’s what’s included:



Yes, that’s right! 47 E-books.

These e-books are valued at $985 dollars and include real food cookbooks, DIY books, books about fitness and weight loss, books about homesteading, and books about natural health, but you can get them all for just $39.

And . . . I really excited that my brand new cookbook is part of this sale too!

 Even if all that were offered in the sale were these e-books, getting $985 dollars worth of healthy living books for $39 would still be an amazing deal . . . but there’s more!

You also get freebies like. . .


These exclusive interviews by leading health researchers and bloggers would usually cost $45, but you can get them all for free with this sale.



You also get these online classes (a $277 value) for free. These classes will teach you how it’s possible to reverse your food allergies (with lots of tasty allergy-friendly recipes to help you on your journey), how to live the Paleo lifestyle the easy way, and how to get your kids involved in your real food and urban homesteading adventures.




If you’re tired of trying to figure out what meals to cook on a daily basis, these real food meal plans (valued at $220) will make all the decisions for you so that all you have to worry about is eating delicious food!



You’ll also get two 3-month subscriptions to these two popular healthy living magazines (a $63 dollar value) as an added bonus.




If you’re like me and you already like to buy healthy living and natural products from these stores, then these discount coupons are truly the icing on the cake! You can get savings on everything from water filters to coconut oil to healthy cookies. (The cookies are my favorite, of course! :))


So . . . with $39 dollars you could probably get one and half sweaters (you’d be hard-pressed to get a full two sweaters for that price!) or you could get All. This. Stuff!

And the best part is that this sale isn’t just about products that you’ll use a few times and then throw in a Goodwill bin later on. It’s about learning new things and gaining new information about how you can make more progress on your journey toward a healthier life. 🙂


Just like with clothing sales, though, this sale only lasts for a short time, so don’t wait too long! Sale ends Thursday Nov. 7th (Sale extended to Sunday Nov. 10th!



(P.S. – Oh, and if you’re a Village Green Network Premium member, you can save an extra 25% and get everything for just $29!)




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