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I Wrote a Cookbook!

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Heritage Cooking

After many months of testing recipes, I’ve finally finished writing my cookbook!

For this cookbook, I searched through my collection of 19th century cookbooks and experimented with a whole bunch of recipes to find the ones that were my favorites and adapted them to make them easy to prepare in modern kitchens.

(And by experimented, I mean really experimented! Most of these old recipes don’t mention anything about cooking times, and they definitely don’t give any oven temperatures, so there were definitely a few failed experiments along the way!)

I wanted this cookbook to be like a journey back in time for anybody like me who loves history and old-fashioned living or for anybody who wants to be able to cook traditional, nourishing foods from scratch the old-fashioned way.

Heritage Cooking includes a variety of different recipes, including breakfast dishes, breads, side dishes, main dishes, and desserts to create a sampler of common early American dishes for any time of the day.

Heritage Cooking recipes


You can find out more about the cookbook HERE:





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