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Help Families in Need Get Access to Clean, Safe Water

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Water is such a basic thing that we all just assume will be available to us whenever we need it, but there are many people around the world that struggle to get access to clean water that is safe to drink.

A couple of years ago, my town had a problem with their water system, and I remember that were were all advised to drink only bottled water and to boil water for washing dishes and brushing our teeth until the problem could be fixed. It was such a pain to keep boiling water all the time, and then we were worried that maybe we hadn’t boiled it enough and we would all get sick from washing our dishes in dirty water.

And that was only for two days! I can’t even imagine living that way all of the time, and without the ability to just drive to the store and buy bottled water like I had.

Living with unsafe water is the reality for many, though. Of the 14.8 million people living in Cambodia, for example, 33% percent don’t have access to clean water, and 67% lack access to basic sanitation.

The good news, though, is that there is something we can do to help!

This year, some of my fellow bloggers from the Village Green Network and I are teaming up to spread the word about the work that Charity Water is doing to provide water filters to families in Cambodia to make sure that they have access to clean, safe water.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by December 31st 2013, and, if we are able to meet this goal, we will be able to help 700 families get safe drinking water!

A donation of $15 will give one person access to clean water, and a $65 donation will provide a BioSand filter that will allow an entire family to have clean water.

Please consider helping us reach our goal of helping 700 families get clean, safe water this holiday season. Even if you are not able do donate enough for an entire BioSand filter for a family, every little bit helps, and if we all work together and give what we can, we can help many more families get access to safe drinking water.

Click here to donate to Charity Water:




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