Dressing Your TruthTM Before and After – One Year Update

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Dressing Your Truth Before and After - One Year Update | Our Heritage of Health

It’s been just a little over a year now since I first heard about Dressing Your TruthTM , so it seemed like the perfect time for a before and after update. This is the fourth post I’ve done about Dressing Your Truth, so if you haven’t yet read the other posts in this series, you can find them here:

  1. Does Your Clothing Reflect Who You Truly Are? Why Dressing Your Truth Matters
  2. My Dressing Your Truth Experience as a TYPE 2 Woman
  3. How Your Clothing Affects Your Health

I had first heard about Dressing Your Truth when I heard some friends talking about it and mentioning which Type of Beauty they were, and that made me really curious about which of the 4 Types of Beauty I might be.

I talked a little bit more about the Dressing Your Truth program in my first post, but just to quickly summarize, the 4 Types of Beauty are:

  • The TYPE 1SM Bright, Animated Woman
  • The TYPE 2SM Soft, Subtle Woman
  • The TYPE 3SM Rich, Dynamic Woman
  • The TYPE 4SM Bold, Striking Woman

Once I had learned more about the 4 Types of Beauty, I realized almost right away that my Type of Beauty was the TYPE 2SM Soft, Subtle Woman. Learning about the 4 Types of Beauty is free, so if you want to figure out which Type of Beauty you might be, you can find out for free here:

When I was learning about all of the details that relate to having a TYPE 2 nature, I couldn’t believe how accurate the descriptions were for me in everything from my facial features and body language to the way I organize my things and even to my natural tendencies when it comes to thinking and feeling. Learning more about my Type of Beauty has helped me to create a personal style in my clothing that is right for me, but even more importantly, like I mentioned in my third post, it’s helped me to understand myself so much better and even to accept some of the things about myself that I used to think were negatives that I now realize are a part of my TYPE 2 nature.

I’m also completely fascinated by the way I can see examples of the four different Types of Beauty in the people I interact with each day. I don’t know how many times in the past few months I’ve had a little “aha” moment where I’ve thought things like “Oh, that’s because she must be a TYPE 4 woman. That’s why it’s so important for her to have it done that way.” Or, “She must have a TYPE 3 nature. That’s why she’s responding that way to that situation.” It’s been really fun for me to have these little insights and to have the vocabulary to better understand them too.

One Year Later

Over the past year, I’ve been enjoying gradually learning more about the 4 Types of Beauty, updating my wardrobe little by little, and settling into a style that feels right for my TYPE 2 nature.

Learning about Dressing Your Truth actually came to me at just the right time. Some of my favorite staple clothing items were starting to show their age, (including a couple of pairs of shoes that were literally starting to fall apart because I had worn them so many times), and it was definitely time for me to do some shopping to replace those items. It worked out perfectly that I learned about Dressing Your Truth right at the time when I needed to restock my wardrobe anyways, so I was able to shop for clothing that suited my Type of Beauty.

In an earlier post, I had showed a before and after comparison of the fall/winter section of my closet, but I recently cleaned out my spring/summer section too. I’m still working on building my wardrobe, but I’d say that about 90% of all of my clothing and accessories are ones that are appropriate for my Type 2 nature. My closet feels very relaxing now. It might seem a bit strange to call a closet relaxing, but it really does feel that way now when I see all of the colors in the same palette blending together.

dyt closet

And here’s a before and after example of the way I typically dressed before Dressing Your Truth and after.

DYT before after 4


There’s nothing really wrong with my before outfit, and it would probably be great for someone with a different Type of Beauty, but it never felt quite right for me. When I wear clothing that’s more like my after outfit, though, it just feels better, and I feel much more comfortable and more like myself.

Before learning about Dressing Your Truth, I would always have items of clothing that I really loved and ones that were always just tucked away in the back of my closet. I always felt guilty about not wearing them and about the fact that I had wasted money on them. I understand now, though, why those clothes didn’t work for me, and when I go shopping, I’m able to find clothes that are right for me and that I love wearing so I don’t have to have “closet guilt” anymore.

Getting ready in the morning is a lot easier now too (which is a pretty big deal for me because I always have such a hard time getting up early, so anything that makes mornings easier is a huge plus!) Since everything in my closet coordinates so well together, I could probably close my eyes if I wanted too, pull out a couple of things at random, and the chances are pretty good that they would match and make a nice outfit. And if I spend a long time standing in front of my closet now, it’s because I have so many options that I’m having a hard time deciding which of my scarves to wear with which sweater or which pair of earrings I want to wear with which dress.

And, since it wouldn’t be a proper Dressing Your Truth post without some pictures of clothes and accessories, I took a few pictures of some of my new favorites 🙂

New favorite scarves:


My favorite, favorite new pair of shoes:


A new sweater with a lace detail at the bottom that I really love (and I’m hoping for an early spring because it’s too cold out to wear it right now!):

dyt 4 1

My earring holder and a close-up of my earrings.

dyt 43

A couple of pretty short-sleeved shirts I found on sale at the end of the summer:

dyt 4 2

And one of my favorite skirts:


I’m having so much fun shopping now and finding clothes that are right for me and that fit my TYPE 2 nature, and I really enjoy the way that Dressing Your Truth has given me a new perspective on my natural tendencies and those of others around me.

When I first heard about Dressing Your Truth, I thought it would be mainly just about clothing and that I would pick up a few fashion ideas and that would be it. I had no idea how much it would change the way I see myself and the ways I can understand and relate better to others. Learning about Dressing Your Truth has been one of the best things I’ve ever done!

If you’d like to find out more about which of the 4 Types of Beauty you might be, you can find out for free by clicking the link here:

And if you like the soft and subtle style of clothing, you can find my Dressing Your Truth Pinterest board here:


Dressing Your Truth before and after - one year update | Our Heritage of Health



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24 thoughts on “Dressing Your Truth<sup>TM</sup> Before and After – One Year Update”

  1. What confirmed it to you for yourself that you are a 2? I’m still trying to decide. My initial hit was that I’m a two but I’ve been questioning since . Thanks

    • Questioning is actually a key 2 trait, so that might be a sign that you’re in the right direction 🙂 For me, my first intuitive reaction was that I was a 2. Then, when I learned more about the other Types, I started questioning whether I was really a 2 or not since I could see elements of the others in myself as well, especially with traits that are common for 4s. In the end, though, I really made my decision based on the fact that being a 2 just felt right for me. I made my decision based on an emotional, intuitive reaction (just like a 2 would do.)

      Reading the book really helped me to decide, too, especially the section near the back with extra help for determining your Type. When I read through the T2 section, I kept thinking, “Yes, that’s me!” over and over again. I knew I was either a 2 or a 4 because I’m definitely on the lower end of the movement/energy scale. I’m also very introverted rather than extroverted. My facial features are blended, and my eye, skin, and hair color are all pretty similar with low contrast. I tend to think and act in a more methodical way like 2s do, and prefer peace and quiet. Also, the colors and styles for T2 clothing just felt right for me too. I love the soft, flowy styles and the dusty, more muted colors. Some of the colors and styles of the other Types seem almost harsh in comparison to me. They look great on others, but I know they wouldn’t work right for me.

      There wasn’t really one specific thing that confirmed the decision for me and it’d kind of hard to explain since it was an internal, intuitive process, but as I watched through all of the videos and read through the book, I just felt a sense of rightness that I had made the correct decision in typing myself as a 2. Every once in awhile I’ll have a moment of doubt that I typed myself correctly, but I always keep coming back to being a 2 because that’s what feels right for me.

      I hope that helps, and I hope you’re able to find some clarity and assurance about what Type you are. Just give it some time, and you’ll settle into the Type that feels right for you 🙂

  2. Thanks for that Lori because I too was getting confused. I knew that I was type two but was tempted to think I was a little…… oh don’t ask me which one to choose, typical of type two!

    Thanks for that. By the way the beautiful long flowing blue skirt yow show here, do you think it would suit a 5 foot 3 inch person? I think I might drown in it.

    Thanks for an amazing website!

    • I questioned and second guessed myself many times too, Mary, (which is a pretty strong T2 hint!) As easy as it is to question our type, though, as 2s, we can intuitively feel that we’ve made the right choice. And I’m only 5’4″ and don’t feel like I’m drowning in that skkirt, so I would think something like that would be fine for you at 5’3″. It’s actually the perfect length for me and falls just a little below ankle length without being too long and dragging on the floor. I’ve tried on some maxi dresses and long skirts that felt like too much and too long, but this one was just right. I think it’s just trial and error if your on the shorter side to find one that feels right 🙂

  3. hi, Lori–

    I’m struggling with my Dressing your Truth typing. Lots of my personality is 1–really smiley and cheerful, extremely animated in my voice, facial expressions, and hands, pretty scattered (always losing things), my mind goes a mile-a-minute—and yet, I’m pretty introverted and tend to be a terrible wallflower in social situations, I sort in piles (and don’t you dare disturb them!), I look for comfort first in my clothing, love peace and quiet, etc.

    So hard to decide on one! (how 2 of me, right?). Any thoughts for me? Thanks.

    • Hi Ann,
      (First, sorry for the late reply! I was away this past week and haven’t been on my computer till today.)

      Only you can really know which type you are, of course, but from what you’ve said it sounds like you may be a combination of Type 1 and Type 2. Maybe you are either a Type 2 with a secondary T1 or a Type 1 with a secondary Type 2. I would suggest thinking back to your childhood to remember what your natural tendencies were back then since childhood is the time when we live truest to our natures since we haven’t yet been influenced by the way we think we should be. If you haven’t already read it, Carol’s book The Child Whisperer is a great book to help you understand the way that the four Types influence children. It really helped me to confirm my Type 2/Secondary 4 nature.

      Looking at pictures of yourself (both now and when you were a child) can also help you to see the overall effect of your facial features. Facial features are a very telling factor because they don’t change the way that personality can change. Do you see more circles, star point shapes, brightness, animation, upward movement, etc? Or do you see more oval and S-curve shapes, softness, gentle downward movement, etc?

      I hope you are able to figure out which Type you are, and I wish you the best on your Dressing Your Truth journey! 🙂

  4. Thanks for your response, Lori. I’ve gone ahead and committed to Two! I’m pretty nervous about it, because really, there aren’t many colors in the chart I really like, and I’m not crazy about most of the suggested styles. LOL! When I think of my happiest childhood times, though, I see myself sitting alone with a book…

    I do love the rose tones, but hope I don’t get tired of them! In general, my style is much more classic than frilly, so I’ll definitely be wearing a more toned-down version of Two clothing.

    You, by the way, look fantastic as a Two! Your eyes are really beautiful in the pic on the right above, and you look terrific in your soft, flowy clothes! And WHERE did you find those darling blue shoes?

    Thanks–I’ll look forward to more of your blogs!

    • Congratulations on making your decision, Ann! A lot of T2s actually find that they don’t really like the colors at first because they feel too muted and they might even seem boring if you’ve been trying to wear brighter clothes because you felt like you should. Many T2s feel the need to “brighten” themselves up because they’re afraid that the softer, subtler T2 colors will make them seem invisible.

      My suggestion would be to try the 30-day challenge mentioned at the end of the course and dress as close to T2 clothing as you can for 30 days, noticing how you look and how you feel in the clothes. It takes some tweaking, of course, to settle on a style that’s just right for you, and there are many T2s that prefer a simpler, more classic style as opposed to one that’s full of frills. The color is the most important of the elements of style anyways.

      Sometimes, not liking the colors and styles can be your “beauty sixth sense” telling you the truth about which Types you are (or aren’t) but sometimes not liking the colors can happen because you have been judging your true nature as a weakness and trying to live as another Type. What you want to notice during the process is if the T2 clothes feel right to you. You might find that the softer tones in the color chart start to grow on you with time and that you feel a sense of peace about your choice of Type.

      And thank you so much! 🙂 I found those shoes online, actually. I don’t usually buy shoes online because I like to be able to try them on to make sure they fit right and are comfortable, but I loved those so much that I bought them anyways!

  5. I recently discovered DYT through the book. I am a Type 2 also. I am looking forward to gradually changing my wardrobe to reflect this. Do you have some favorites stores you like to shop in or online to find Type 2 clothes?

    • Hi Diane! Congratulations on finding out you’re a Type 2! Have you ever looked at the Dressing Your Truth online store? They have a specific Type 2 section of the store where you can find clothes, jewelry and accessories for Type 2s: https://shop.liveyourtruth.com/?utm_medium=Organic&utm_campaign=DYT-referral&___store=type2

      I usually tend to do most of my shopping in the store rather than online, though, since I like to be able to try things on, so a couple of places where I’ve been able to find some good Type 2 things are Kohls, Target, Forever 21, and H&M. I’ve also found a few things at Burlington Coat Factory and Marshalls. I’m not sure if those stores are around where you live or not, but I’ve found some good Type 2 colors and styles there in the past.

    • I shop at quite a few different places, actually. I don’t really have one specific favorite, but I’ve found some good Type 2 things at Khols, Target, H&M, and Forever 21. Those are a few places where I’ve consistently been able to find something good.

  6. Hi Lori,

    I’ve discovered your blog via pinterest, while I was searching for type 2 ideas of clothing 🙂 And I’m so happy I found it! I discovered DYT a while ago, took the free course and read Carol Tuttle’s books. And it’s been a wonderful experience. It all began, like you said, with me trying to find some tips about style and clothing. But it has been a very emotional and freeing experience for me. I am a 2/4 too, and I’m really amazed at the coincidence of finding you: I can relate so much to some of the things you tell about your experience… Thanks for sharing it 🙂 I must also say that I love the way you tell it, with so much useful detail: you truly are a nice type 2!

    Peace and love from another 2/4 🙂

    • I’m really glad to meet you, Anne! I know very few 2/4s in real life, so it’s always nice to connect with another 2/4 online 🙂 I completely agree that discovering DYT is a very freeing experience. And thank you! Peace and love to you too 🙂

  7. You are a beautiful type 2 !! I love the graceful romantic style- I am a type 1 and am learning to embrace things I have minimized for sooo long-the zany crazy bubbling energy and enthusiasm has been squelched for so long!! I am doing a modified dressing style-bringing in fun accessories to jazz up my look…

    • Thank you! Type 1 accessories are so fun! Even though I know they wouldn’t work for me as a Type 2, I think they’re so cute, and they look amazing on Type 1 women 🙂

  8. I’ve identified myself as a T2, with lots of second guessing myself lol!
    The problem is I have almost zero T2 in my closet, so without going and purchasing a few new items I have no idea how I would experiment with the style.

    • One thing you could maybe do is to go to a store and just try on some T2 clothes in the dressing room without actually buying them. You could even take pictures of yourself in the mirror so that later on you can compare how the clothes looked on. That way you can experiment with what a T2 style would look like on you without having to spend any money. And then later on when you feel ready to purchase some new clothing, you would already have an idea of what to buy.

  9. I was thrilled to find Living Your Truth and Dressing Your Truth after reading The Child Whisperer. I first thought I was a Type 4, but I didn’t fit the facial profile. I had always fought the soft and feminine because I thought it would make me look weak, but I have realized how much stronger I look because I’m more confident. I’m really just starting, but my first day of dressing my truth I got five compliments at church and it was just as Carol said. Instead of getting compliments on my clothing, I got compliments about how stunning I look in my new clothing. I feel like, if I’d known my type, I wouldn’t have been “the sister type” and “just a friend” for most of my life, and I probably wouldn’t have so many health problems. That’s part of the reason I feel it’s worth the money and study. I felt guilty at first because so many in the world are suffering and need money, but I believe I’m spend less money on clothing in the long run. I’d make runs to thrift stores and weeks later have nothing to wear because I hated what I’d gotten. And I believe I’ll improve muy health and be a better wife and mother. I’m a secondary Type 4, and I can be very critical. However, I give this program my approval. It’s changing my life!

    • That’s so wonderful that DYT has helped you to feel more confident and that you got so many affirming compliments about your new look! I’ve definitely found that I spend less money on clothing now than I used to. At first, I did a lot of shopping to re-build my wardrobe with Type 2 clothes, but now that I have that core wardrobe of clothes I love, I’ve found that I shop a lot less often. I actually don’t think I’ve gone clothes shopping since last fall and I haven’t felt like I even needed to because I still liked all the clothes in my closet. And I completely agree with you about it being a life-changing program and about the fact that it can help to improve health and relationships, too. It’s about so much more than just the clothing!

  10. I’m a T2,1, I’d like to know wether long dresses are appropriate for everyday living. I’m a housewife and I sew for myself.Also I’m 74years old and don’t want to look dowdy.
    I like your blog especially about the clothes. You give good examples of clothes. I am procrastinating about the style though because I don’t know if they would suit me.

    • Hi Diana, I think long dresses can certainly be appropriate for everyday living as long as you feel comfortable in them. While long dresses might look dowdy on people of other Types, for Type 2 people, long dresses tend to look elegant rather than dowdy. That’s great that you can sew your own clothes because that way you can choose colors and styles that you like rather than trying to find them in the store. If you’re not sure whether of not long dresses would suit you, you could always try making just one to start to see how you feel in it. And then if you decide you don’t like the longer length, you could always hem the dress to make it shorter and use the extra material for something else like a scarf maybe.

    • I find it very interesting that people feel the need to tell me what Type they think I am (or am not). Carol Tuttle has mentioned several times that the focus is on people finding out their true nature for themselves rather than having her type everyone. Someone who has only read an article on my website and seen a picture of me only knows a fraction of who I really am.


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