Tips for Saving Money on Real Food

 Tips for saving money on real food |

A lot of times, money can be a big issue for people wanting to switch to a healthier diet of organic, traditional, real food.  Many people want to eat better quality food, but they don’t know if they can afford the extra cost.

There’s no doubt about it that organic food usually is more expensive than conventional food, sometimes a lot more expensive depending on where you live and where you shop. With a little bit of planing, though, there are ways to work around the extra cost and still be able to get good-quality real food while staying within your budget.

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Healthy and Natural Treat Ideas for Dogs

Healthy and natural treat ideas for dogs |

All dogs love getting treats, and it’s really hard to resist those sweet puppy eyes. My dog, Daisy, (that’s her picture above back from when she was just a baby) gets so excited whenever I give her a treat, but when I started eating healthier, more natural food myself, I realized that most of the treats I was giving her were basically the doggy equivalent to processed junk food.

Since I didn’t want her to be eating a lot of fake stuff, I wanted to find some options that were more natural but that she would still enjoy just as much.

Here are five Daisy-approved healthy and natural treat ideas for dogs:

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