Counting Nutrients, Not Calories: Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work

 Why calorie counting doesn't work |

There’s been quite a craze the past few decades of calorie-counting. Calorie counts are listed on just about everything now – cereal boxes, restaurant menus, even online databases devoted entirely to listing the number of calories in common foods.

I should know, because I used to be a calorie-counter myself. At one point, when I was seriously trying to lose “those last few pounds,” I even made up an Excel spreadsheet so I could keep track of how many calories I was consuming each day (and how many calories I was burning with exercise, and my current weight, and all other sorts of craziness!)

It was really motivating at first to keep track of everything, but then it got to be way, way too much work. I’d get behind on my recording of calories and had to spend too much time trying to catch up, driving myself crazy trying to remember what on earth I ate for lunch three days ago anyways…

And then I came to my senses and realized that calorie counting doesn’t work for me, and I stopped counting calories altogether. Instead, I tried to just eat as healthy of a diet as possible. This was before I started my real-food journey, so my definition of “healthy” wasn’t quite the same as it would be now, but I started to get rid of some of the worst foods. Without even trying, I lost a pound or two.

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