Old-Fashioned Plum Pudding

Old-Fashioned Plum Pudding fb

Made famous by Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, plum pudding is one of those quintessential holiday desserts that will forever be associated with the Christmas season.

For many of us, though, plum pudding is one of those holiday traditions that we see in holiday movies or read about in books, but have never actually tasted ourselves.

“Plumless” Plum Pudding

And just like old-fashioned fruitcake, plum pudding is often misunderstood. Up until two years ago, I had always though that plum pudding was made out of actual plums. It wasn’t until I started collecting 19th century cookbooks and found recipes for traditional plum pudding that I realized that there weren’t actually any plums in plum pudding at all!

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Favorite Holiday Cranberry Recipes


Favorite healthy holiday cranberry recipes | ourheritageofhealth.com

I love cranberry season, and each year I always look forward to finding fresh cranberries and stocking up on them so that I can keep on making cranberry-flavored foods throughout the year.

I’ve collected some great cranberry-themed recipes from my fellow bloggers and listed them all here. These holiday cranberry recipes are perfect for the holiday season, but they’d be equally delicious all year-round in my opinion!

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Traditional 19th Century Fruitcake Recipe

This traditional 19th century fruitcake recipe is a rich and buttery spice cake with just enough fruit and citrus flavors to give it a festive taste. This version is quick to prepare and doesn't require weeks of preparation like some old-fashioned fruitcake recipes do. | Our Heritage of Health

This traditional 19th century fruitcake recipe is a rich and buttery spice cake with plenty of fruit and citrus to give it nice a festive flavor. And of course you can never go wrong with a generous drizzle of lemon-flavored icing too!

Fruitcake usually has a pretty bad reputation these days. It’s the gift nobody wants to receive, the dessert still left on the table after all of the others are gone. It’s often made fun of in holiday movies, and if someone thinks you’re acting a bit crazy, they just might call you a fruitcake.

Growing up, I had never heard anything positive about fruitcake, so I always assumed it must be a pretty disgusting dessert. Every picture I had ever seen of fruitcake looked like a solid blob of cake with bright red and green things stuck in it. Not exactly very appealing.

I had pretty much decided that I had no interest in ever trying fruitcake until I went to Old Sturbridge Village last winter at Christmas time. And yes, just like my change of opinion about chestnuts, Sturbridge Village completely changed the way I think about fruitcake, too.

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