Homemade Citrus Lavender Perfume

 Homemade Citrus Lavender Perfume | ourheritageofhealth.com

I had just about given up on perfumes once I learned about all of the questionable ingredients in the perfumes and body sprays I had been buying. Things like propylene glycol, synthetic chemical fragrance blends, and a whole bunch of other unpronounceable ingredients that would make my spell-checker go crazy if I tried to type them out.

Just look up the name of your favorite perfume into the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and see how toxic it really is! I was pretty shocked when I realized that my “refreshing” perfumes and body sprays with their “natural and botanical extracts” were actually full of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals!

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Why I Stopped Using an Antiperspirant

Why I stopped using antiperspirant | ourheritageofhealth.com

At the risk of sounding like I don’t have good hygiene habits, I’m going to admit to the fact that I’ve stopped using antiperspirant.

Not to worry, though. I shower regularly, and I still wear deodorant, just not antiperspirant.

Until just recently, I never even thought about the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. For years, I had always just used the same drugstore brand that my mother used, and I never thought much about what was in it.

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How to Dye Yarn with Berries – Part 2

How to dye yarn with berries - Part 2: Dying the yarn | ourheritageofhealth.com


In my last post, I described the steps I took to prepare my yarn for being dyed. Once you’ve finished the preparation process, it’s time for the fun part – dyeing the yarn!

These are the steps I used to dye yarn with berries:

Step 1) Choose the berries.

For my yarn, I used a combination of blueberries and cranberries. I used about a pint (2 cups) of blueberries and 1 cup of cranberries.

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